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Governor Newsom,

Please veto SB 107, legislation that can only be described as extreme—even for California.

SB 107 seeks to turn California into a gender transition orphanage for children from other states—stripping parents from other states of their rightful custody of their children. This is a radical and unprecedented proposal that will certainly destroy intrastate relationships, disrespects all parents, pits parents against children, and ultimately harms children.

It is a drastic measure for any state to strip its parents of custody over their own child—let alone for an entirely different state where the family does not reside to strip parents of custody over their own child. And, in the case of SB 107, the reason for stripping custody is to allow children’s healthy bodies to be abused with drugs and disfigured with surgeons’ scalpels outside the protective watch of their parents.

For good reason, the Supreme Court has long recognized the basic right of parents to direct their children’s upbringing.  Parents naturally have their child’s best interests at heart, know their child best and can serve as the best advocate for their child.

SB 107 will undermine parental rights by allowing permanent chemical and surgical procedures to be performed on children in California (or who travel to California) without any parental involvement. These procedures generally lack legal recourse or adequate protection for the children involved and often involve complicated and ongoing care. SB 107 further removes any protections by denying parents their rightful roles as providers and protectors.

Minor children are not allowed to do many things – such as drinking alcohol, using tobacco, or purchasing certain medications – because their judgment and perception are limited by their youth. Actively removing parents from grave medical decisions covered by SB 107 will lead to lifelong and irreversible decisions by minor children with serious consequences (including sterilization before they even reach the age of 18).

Please Veto SB 107. It is too extreme—even for California. California has no place presuming it knows better how to parent any child, and especially not children from outside its own borders.


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO
Family Policy Alliance

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