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Disney CEO Bob Chapek & the Walt Disney Co.,

As a company whose primary customers are parents and their children, turning against Disney’s own audience for supposed political gain makes no sense. Yet, in opposing Florida’s bill (now law) that supports parents and protects children from sexualization, that is exactly what Disney has done. We, the undersigned, urge Disney to reconsider its opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law and any others like it around the country.

Most often, parents are their children’s greatest cheerleaders, advocates, and protectors. Laws like Florida's protect the rights of parents to fulfill exactly those roles in their children’s lives. The law supports the rights of parents to have access to critical information about their child’s academics, health, and wellbeing. It also protects very young children, ages nine and younger, from being exposed to sexual themes and ideas. Not surprisingly, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey finds that American voters are against Disney on this one, strongly supporting Florida's law at 62%. Local polling even shows that Florida's Democrat primary voters support the pro-family law and stand with Governor DeSantis.

By opposing the law, Disney has communicated to its family consumers that Disney believes parents should not have access to vital information about their children. Worse yet, Disney’s opposition means the company not only tolerates, but promotes, instructing five-year-olds about sexual partners and that these young children might be “born in the wrong body” and may need to transition. This is utter madness.

Disney’s opposition to the law also sheds a spotlight on other disturbing trends at Disney, heightening parental concerns. From Disney profiting off of its ties with Communist China to dozens of Disney employees recently arrested in sex scandals—including crimes against children and human trafficking—it seems Disney’s efforts are misdirected. Rather than trying to kill bills which help parents protect their children and stop the increased sexualization of children, Disney should turn its focus inward to increase protections for children who come in contact with its own multi-billion-dollar entertainment empire.

We urge Disney to reconsider its position in opposition to pro-family efforts like Florida's new Parental Rights in Education law and to stop taking political stances against parents and their children in other states.


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO
Family Policy Alliance

John Stemberger
John Stemberger
President & General Counsel
Florida Family Policy Council

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