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#AfterRoe, there will be more pro-life work before us than ever. The stakes are high, with life itself on the table. Creating a pro-life nation requires a movement of pro-life people ready to take action and lovingly protect the vulnerable. And, each state will have unique needs – which means the movement needs people in every state! Are you in? Sign the pledge to be the first to hear about key action opportunities.

I recognize that after Roe, the battle for life may be fiercer than ever in my own state. I want to play a part making my state and our nation a place where life is truly cherished. When it matters most, I want to be the first to know so that I can speak out, spread the word, and be in prayer for life. When Roe finally falls and the abortion lobby unleashes its revenge on the states, I will take a stand for the vulnerable in my state.

Yes, I will be part of the #AfterRoe movement!

When you sign up to fight for life, you’ll be the first to know about critical issues and opportunities for life in our country. In most states, there is a state Family Policy Council fighting for life by your side, too.

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