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LGBT Curriculum Petition


The Governor and Legislature Have Gone Too Far!

Students in classroom

Sign the New Jersey LGBT Curriculum Opt-Out Petition and
send a message to Governor Murphy and the Legislature

State lawmakers ignored the comments of their constituents and instead bowed to the pressure of a powerful LGBT lobbying group, Garden State Equality, to push their belief of sexuality upon our impressionable students – our children and grandchildren.

The mandated curriculum requirements will now require textbook authors to speculate about the sexual preferences and gender-identity of noteworthy historical figures and then impose this false narrative on our children in public schools. A person’s significant historical contributions should not be predicated on their sex life or personal feelings about their sexual identity. The endless obsession with sexuality should not be forced upon our children! 

Sexual relationships and identity are normally taught in health class with a parental opt-out, which means parents can excuse their children from these requirements. Now, parental rights are being trampled and our children are being forced to learn about sexual ideology throughout potentially all subject areas without allowing the parents the opportunity to opt their children out!

Sexuality is a private matter and only parents have the right to decide when and how their children learn about it.

The sexual indoctrination of our children must end. Please add your name to the following petition to Gov. Murphy.

Dear Governor Phil Murphy:

I am writing to inform your office of my opposition to the new mandatory LGBTQ Curriculum for the following reasons:

  • This law violates the fundamental and constitutional rights of parents to direct the moral and educational upbringing of their children. It was written with no protections for families—families cannot opt their child out of the content for any reason, not even if they have religious or moral objections! This is a clear violation of the religious liberties of public school families!

  • This law forces sexual ideology and it’s indoctrination onto the minds and hearts of our children – again, without parental recourse.

  • This law encourages revisionist history and teaches children they’re no more than the sum of their sexual desires and feelings.

As Governor of New Jersey, you represent everyone. At the very least, this law needs to be amended to include an opt-out option for parents who have moral and religious objections to this radical and controversial classroom content.

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