It's High Time to Prosecute Obscene Pornography...


computer obscenityFamily Policy Alliance is calling on Attorney General William Barr to follow through on President Trump’s pledge to enforce federal obscenity laws. Please add your name to this call from thousands of Americans to ensure this critical pledge is fulfilled.


Dear Attorney General Barr,

I am writing to urge you to declare obscenity prosecution a national priority at the Department of Justice and to vigorously enforce current obscenity laws.  The impacts of obscene pornography are widespread and significant, and they must be halted.

The ever-increasing accessibility and availability of these images are stealing our children’s innocence, causing pornography addiction, and destroying families.  We can’t turn a blind eye to these impacts, nor to the intrinsic link from pornography to violence against women and to sex trafficking.

Please make good on then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 pledge to enforce obscenity laws if elected.  We urge you to aggressively prosecute obscenity crimes and help curb the disastrous effects of pornography in our country.


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